How to Create a Social Media Training Program

Yippie! You are the jack-of-all-things social media, the social media guru in your team and are ready to stoke the social flame across your organization. Congratulations.

Create a social media training program to share the awesome power of social media. You cant fly solo with social media. Here is how to get your organization onboard.

Develop a Social Media Certification Program. Share and promote your social media vision, strategy, best practices and principles. Offer ongoing, multilevel trainings to all interested team members, across departments.

Create a curriculum with an introduction to address basic questions such as:

  •  what is social media?
  •  why does social media matter?
  •  how do I use social media?
  •  what is our social media policy?
  •  how do I engage with our community?

Follow up with a more advanced training that addresses topics such as:

Advanced social media training of everyone in your organization is not necessary. However,  team members (who may not be using social media) should still have a general understanding of your reasons for doing so.

To plan your social media trainings begin with a strategic conversation to establish: who will be using social media, task assignments and evaluate general comprehension so that you can accommodate various user levels.

One option for implementing training is to develop a social media training team. To build a training program framework include the following elements:

  •  clearly stated purposes for adopting social media and the training program
  •  clear, measurable goals and objectives for each piece of the program
  •  different course levels with varying opportunities for achievement
  •  tactical how-to-training, conceptual training and example scenarios
  •  testing to gauge the progress of employees
  •  a review process to evaluate program and trainer effectiveness
  •  program updates
  •  a library of published educational resources

If the team is selected across departments because of their enthusiasm for social media this will ensure a more adept level of understanding and greater accessibility. Selecting enthusiasts across sectors will ensure a comprehensive approach to sharing varying perspectives and departmental needs.



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