Google + = SEO Savvy


Be SEO savvy and use Google+ ten minutes everyday.

Google+ is the single most significant factor for SEO in the social realm because it dominates search results. Understanding Google’s organic search engine results is vital to maximizing your Google rankings.

Panda is Google’s newly revised search engine algorithm. Panda ranks sites based on ‘authenticity’: the quality and content of the site, and what people say about your site on social media platforms.

Search engines index social mentions.

Updates with URLs on Google+ are indexed very quickly and optimize your posts for Google’s Realtime Search. If you share your posts on Google+ they will be indexed in the rankings and receive more online visibility. Include regular updates with links to your social profiles and web page.

Choose first sentence keywords carefully.

The first sentence of your Google+ post is part of the evaluated tag. The first sentence is highly correlated with rankings and greatly influences click-through rates.

Brand pages matter more than individual profiles.

So create a robust, keyword rich Google+ Page as well as individual user pages.

Raise your SEO visibility by getting more people to engage with you, +1 , share your posts and link directly to your profile. Note that +1s and your reach/follower count are ranked higher then comments or shares. Use CircleCount to check your CircleRank. And, make sure to link to your other social profiles.

Now you know, Google + = SEO Savy

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