Foray into Facebook: get over your fear


Facebook’s reach is, frankly, awesome.

Facebook ties together connection, promotion and play to influence us in both serious and subtle ways. The network embodies the potential for social media to truly impact our lives through seamless integration.

Yet, many professionals fear Facebook’s personal-professional spectrum. Fear of Facebook engagement for the sake of professionalism is short-sighted. The network allows for a ridiculous plethora of personal and professional opportunities to market your personal and professional brand.

Knowledge is power. Get to know Facebook Insights, Edgerank and check your privacy settings. Go ahead. Get over your fears and get your face in the game.

EdgeRank – Facebook’s Algorithm

EdgeRank is the first step towards understanding how to use Facebook effectively. EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm that distributes social media content based on three multiplied factors that determine your content’s value: affinity, weight and time.

Affinity score is determined by how frequently a fan has engaged with your content previously (page visits). Weight reflects popularity in terms of the type and quantity of engagement your post receives (likes, comments). Time refers to your posts decreased engagement and relevance over time.

EdgeRank Checker helps brands better understand EdgeRank.


Facebook Insights – Metrics

Facebook Insights is an evaluation tool that shows you how many people have actually seen your page stories and who is sharing your message (Hayden, 2011).

Facebook potential is embodied in it’s viral reach when people share your message and engage their friends. Facebook Insights shows you what people are saying, if they like your post and if they are commenting and sharing. Facebook Insights is a valuable tool for better understanding how your fans are consuming content.

Study your fans by evaluating their historical consumption patterns and cater to your audience.

Facebook Insights will inform you if your target demographic is reading your posts, as well as what posts are the most popular. Facebook Insights features an “Export” button, the “Engaged Users” graph and a “Reach” graph to support your metrics evaluation.

The “Export” feature provides metrics within certain date ranges, the “Engaged Users” graph shows your audience interests in the context of previous engagement and the “Reach” graph shows you how your audience found your posts. Overall Facebook Insights enables you to tailor your content to what your target audience values. Reach Generator, EdgeRank and Open Graph are three Facebook tools that help you monitor your social reach.

Dont hesitate! Foray into Facebook. The world is at your fingertips.

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