(RED)’s Vivid Social Vision.



@joinRED saturates the social web in red with it’s iconic RED HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

RED showcases the transformative potential of Twittering for Good.


(RED) is a market based initiative focused on fighting AIDS in Africa in partnership with global corporations like Apple, Dell, Starbucks. They have raised more than $170 million and helped more than 7.5 million people.

(RED) is the only organization with more than one million Facebook likes and more than one million Twitter followers. On World Aids Day (RED) gained 111 Twitter followers per minute and 148 Facebook fans per minute.

For (RED)’s 2009 One Color Unites Us Twitter campaign tweets containing the hashtag #red, or #WorldAIDSDay, would turn links, hashtags and usernames red. The campaign was backed by celebrity influencers like Ashton Kutcher and Shakira.

Chrysi Philalithes, (RED)’s chief digital officer, explained (RED)’s social networking success in terms of their approach and strategy.

REDs Strategy: “Participation not promotion. Dialogue not monologue. Empowering not excluding. Inspiring not forcing. Innovating not following.”

Philalithes explains that engaging people in social conversations by asking questions, involving the community and recognizing people for participating is crucial to RED’s success. Continuous learning and experimenting with new tools and features is key.

Be social, urges Philalithes. Create dynamic, engaging content at a strategic and tactical level. Ongoing social media dialogue nurtures (RED)’s vital community of supporters. Social media supporters provide feedback, share their ideas and amplify RED’s message.

“Pass them the torch (with direction) and they will spread your mission much further than any organization can do alone… Social media epitomizes the most powerful form of marketing – word of mouth recommendations and information from your friends – people you know and trust. Having people carry the message for us is critical to drawing attention to our mission (especially given our limited resources)… As our audience has grown it has become one of the most significant sources of support for the (RED) brand.”


Devex’s 2011 top ten social media campaigns for international development-focused organizations
Greenpeace International
World Vision USA
Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)
American Red Cross
Samaritan’s Purse
The Nature Conservancy
Amnesty International USA


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