Go Social for Executive Talent.

Candidate expectations are changing rapidly. The approach recruiters take towards social media will impact their ability to capitalize on growing complexity and future developments.

Social media meets candidate expectations because it is personal, it is transparent, it is marketing and it is being shared. Organizations risk ignoring candidates by failing to have a social media recruiting strategy. Candidates are looking for a faster, more informative, simpler way of applying for jobs. Social media cuts down on response times and facilitates candidate engagement.

Virtually attracting candidates with social media is increasingly a key competitive differentiator. Developing an effective social recruiting strategy can both attract passive candidates and engage quality job seekers. Social recruiting is the most popular area for increased investment: 89% of US HR and recruitment professionals (out of 800) will recruit with social media, and 64% expanded their social recruiting program.

The global recession and social media stronghold have changed the executive search industry. Exponential growth in social networks has made it easier to find prospective executive candidates online. Integrating social media is invaluable for longevity in the executive recruitment industry because senior executives will increasingly be found on social networks. An IBM survey predicts that 57% of CEOs will participate in social media within the next five years.


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