How to Create a Social Media Policy.

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Feeling lost, confused, disoriented when it comes to social media?

Whoa, slow down partner. Know Social advices you start small and think big. Create a social media policy as the foundations of your social media strategy. The policy will help to successfully integrate social into your team, department or organization.

A social media policy provides opportunities for team members to build community and relationships, promote organizational values and generate awareness about your organizations mission. A social policy is different from a social media usage guide or social network best practices.

Essential elements of a social media policy include:

  •  a statement that the organization’s broader ethical guidelines also apply to social media.
  • reminders of individual responsibility and liability
  •  reminder that staff must post disclaimers that they do not speak for the organization
  •  disclosure of affiliation with the organization when posting
  •  respect for copyright and fair use laws
  •  honoring the confidentiality of proprietary or internal information
  •  prohibitions on hate speech, ethnic slurs, etc
  •  privacy and discretion reminders

Implementing the policy requires training with specific examples, notify team members and store the policy where it can be easily found.


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